Ranking 5 best centers for Chicago Bears in 2023 NFL draft

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The Chicago Bears all but admitted that they are going to take a center when they said that Cody Whitehair was their answer. Whitehair may be the current answer, but nothing about his age, injury history, or recent play suggests that he can be trusted to give Chicago a full season, let alone future years in the role.

It means that the team is going to draft a center. If they end up taking one of the top centers in the 2023 NFL draft, who would be their best bet?

5. Chicago Bears could draft Olu Oluwatimi from Michigan

Olu Oluwatimi is a highly-experienced option that could come in and start right away. He spent multiple years starting for Virginia and was getting national honors in the ACC. He wanted to see better coaching and competition and made the jump to Michigan, where he excelled, and his unit won the Joe Moore award for the best offensive line.

Michigan ran behind Olu Oluwatimi all the way to the National Semifinal. The experience shows as Olu Oluwatimi is a heady player. He is great at getting things set pre-snap with communication and he quickly can become a quarterback's best friend. This may help a young QB like Justin Fields.

From there he also is great at recognizing stunts and twists and making sure his unit is on the same page to protect them. Olu Oluwatimi is a physical center who relies on his power punch. He is not the most quick-footed, and that limits his upside, and also makes his fit with Chicago more questionable than others. Still, at the right spot, he could easily be the best option available.