Ranking 5 best centers for Chicago Bears in 2023 NFL draft

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Ricky Stromberg, Chicago Bears
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4. Chicago Bears could draft Ricky Stromberg from Arkansas

Ricky Stromberg is a four-year starter from Arkansas. He brings just as much experience as Olu Oluwatimi and he fits a bit more coming from a zone-heavy scheme, while Michigan was much more involved in power and gap plays.

Stromberg is more athletic and gets out and moves a bit more. He also packs enough power in his punch that this is not an issue. The question with Stromberg comes more from questions in his technique. He can miss time and misplace his punches and it can expose him to let defenders inside his chest. In the run game, he can struggle to pick up defenders who are quicker than him at the second level, and of any of the top guys, he is on the ground the most due to lunging and balance issues.

Overall, Stromberg has an athletic profile and he has the scheme fit that if he can clean up some of his technical flaws, he could be right there with some of the better centers. Right now he is just a tick below, and it looked at as more inconsistent.