Ranking 5 best centers for Chicago Bears in 2023 NFL draft

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Chicago Bears, Luke Wypler
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3. Chicago Bears could draft Luke Wypler from Ohio State

Luke Wypler comes in with the least experience, only starting two seasons for the Buckeyes. Still, he had good reason as Josh Myers was starting there, and he is now a starter for the Packers. He may be the most experience, but that also may give him the most room for improvement.

He is another blocker who comes from a zone-heavy system, and he is one of the best in the class out in space. Wypler has legitimate speed at the second level and can help spring explosive runs. For a Chicago Bears offense that led the league in explosive runs, the fit could be good.

Wypler is much more technically efficient compared to Ricky Stromberg, but Stromberg had much better length, and he packs a lot more power in his punch. Stromberg is on the ground too much due to technical issues, but Wypler can get run over by nose tackles who are bigger, and longer than he is. In the right scheme, he can be a game-changer in the center position. In the wrong scheme, he can be a liability.

Still, the thought is that if Wypler went back to Ohio State and put on muscle, he may end up going much higher than he would this year. If an NFL team does the same, they could get a third-round guy who should have gone in the second.