Ranking 15 Chicago Bears bubble players fighting for final 8 roster spots

There are eight spots where we did not have a lock. Who are the most likely options to fill those spots?
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Chicago Bears, Trevis Gipson
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2. Can the Chicago Bears really cut Trevis Gipson?

The Chicago Bears pushed Trevis Gipson down the depth chart, but the first preseason game showed us why that was just paper. Gipson got on the field over D'Anthony Jones despite being behind him on the depth chart. He also was arguably the best player on the field.

While Gipson has two more weeks, at this point, the only way he does not make the roster is if his play is so good that the Chicago Bears get offered some compensation for him.

If the Bears could trade him, they would. After all, he is their fifth rusher at best. Yannick Ngakoue and DeMarcus Walker did not even play in the game, so the Bears brass thinks those two would have done even more damage in these settings.

Rasheem Green and Dominique Robinson both started over Gipson, and both were pulled early into the game, reserving them for the regular season. It was Gipson who had to play that much and also had to play that well to get into this spot on the depth chart. That is why he needs another week or two of that caliber to lock himself onto the depth chart. Still, through one game you cannot ask for anything more than what Trevis Gipson did.