Ranking 15 Chicago Bears bubble players fighting for final 8 roster spots

There are eight spots where we did not have a lock. Who are the most likely options to fill those spots?

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Alex leatherwood, Chicago Bears
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8. Is Alex Leatherwood right on the Chicago Bears roster bubble?

The Chicago Bears will keep eight of these players, so it is perfect for Leatherwood to be number eight because he can be viewed in so many different ways. First, the experiment with him at tackle appears to be completely over.

Leatherwood took snaps only at left guard in the preseason, and reports are that this has been the same in practices. Still, even as a left guard, he is not a lock. As we noted with Stenberg, there are seven names for sure ahead of him, and you can say that Ja'Tyre Carter will make the roster over Leatherwood as well.

So, with Leatherwood, it may just come down to him against Stenberg. They claimed Stenberg and his NFL resume is about as strong as Leatherwood. That is why they both should be eight and nine on this list. One will be on, the other off, but even then, they could just go with neither and keep some names we talked about in the past slides. They are right in the middle, and the coming weeks will change everything.