Ranking 5 players Chicago Bears must consider drafting to start round four

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The Chicago Bears wrapped up day two early, but that was expected. Now, they enter day three with at least five picks, but as we saw last year it could continue to grow. Still, the fun of picking number one is that the Bears get to start off day three of the 2023 NFL draft.

After trading down from pick one, and trading the first pick of day two for Chase Claypool they finally get to take advantage of that and build some anticipation. Who are the players the Chicago Bears need to target to kick off day three?

5. Could Luke Wypler be the center of the Chicago Bears future

The Chicago Bears had chances to take their center of the future and they passed them up. As we stand right now, they have Cody Whitehair starting, and they have Lucas Patrick as depth. Both can be fine, but for the most part, you would assume both are short-term options. Is it time to look for the long term?

The team may have been hoping for a center to fall here to take a shot. Ricky Stromberg went just a few picks earlier, and it leaves Luke Wypler as the best option on the board for the Chicago Bears. Wypler declared for the NFL Draft early, so he has to be disappointed about how this weekend has gone.

However, it could be a short wait for the two-year starter for the Buckeyes. Wypler is falling because he does not have the size needed in the NFL. His length is below average, and at times you can see that becomes a problem against overpowering nose tackles. However, the thought is that he came out a year early and can put on some weight with an NFL staff, and become a bit stronger.

If that is the case, this will be a steal in the fourth round. Still, that is certainly the reason he is in the fourth round. For the Chicago Bears, taking him now means easing him into the lineup and that could be best for all parties.