Ranking 5 players Chicago Bears must consider drafting to start round four

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Chicago Bears, Nick Saldiveri
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4. Will Chicago Bears continue to build offensive line with Nick Saldiveri?

One player we highlighted as a potential day-three sleeper would be Nick Saldiveri. To be fair, we mentioned this most when we assumed the Chicago Bears would go left tackle in the first round. Now that they went right tackle, the fit is not snug like a glove. Saldiveri spent almost all of his career as a right tackle.

However, most NFL scouts seem to be coveting Saldiveri because they view him as someone who can play all five positions and that includes center. That is what makes him a value on day three. In the short term, he can be depth at basically any position. The reality is that they can get him in the building, and they can let him work in a few different spots and find out what feels best.

Saldiveri has a lot of traits that the NFL covets, though, which is why they may want to do this now. Scouts rave about his balance and his hand placement, and while he does not have all the physical traits of a tackle, those skills can translate to both guard and center. In a pinch, he could be a tackle too, though.

Nick Saldiveri is a sleeper on many team boards, and this is part of the NFL draft when the Chicago Bears need to take their favorite sleeper pick. Why not add more to the trenches with Nick Saldiveri?