Ranking 5 players Chicago Bears must consider drafting to start round four

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Chicago Bears, Isaiah McGuire
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3. Chicago Bears can address the edge with Missouri's Isaiah McGuire

The Chicago Bears should be interested in drafting an edge rusher after missing out last night. To be fair to them, the edge rusher run went faster and earlier than expected. It started when Will McDonald and Felix Anudike-Uzomah jumped into round one, and it kept going from there. The Chicago Bears had no real shot for an edge rusher to be the best player available.

So, they now should be looking for one to start day three. The issue is that the edge rusher run continued after the Chicago Bears picked as well, and now it is not the strongest class. One name that stands out as a round-four player who will not get to their next pick is Isaiah McGuire from Missouri.

The Chicago Bears had to see McGuire against Darnell Wright when watching the SEC, and he was a tough draw for many college tackles. McGuire has solid bend and power in his hands, and the combination is tough. He is not overly explosive and is better off in a rotation, but that is exactly where he would fall into the Chicago Bears group next season.

The Bears missed on a big need, and McGuire seems to be standing far and away as the best option available. It would not make much sense to go for too many other options.