Ranking 5 players Chicago Bears must consider drafting to start round four

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Jaelyn Duncan, Chicago Bears
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1. Should Chicago Bears swing for Jaelyn Duncan?

For some reason, it is hard to get off of the idea of the Chicago Bears going back into the tackle market. We saw that injuries happen, and we know that Ryan Poles firmly believes in building through the trenches. He said that Braxton Jones earned the right to compete to start next season, but did not hand him the job. That is because he knows competition could come in.

On day three, he is not going out and replacing Braxton Jones, but he is seeing a player that many could say is the best available, and take him in the fourth round to add depth to the room. If Duncan shows up and is great, that is a huge win, but if not, it is not a big deal, and it is just a fourth-round pick. Still, the upside of Duncan is there.

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After his junior year, some thought that a good senior season could spring him into round one. Duncan actually regressed and that is why we see him available on Saturday. Still, now it is worth the risk and he could be much better than expected. If the Bears stick to their board it could lead to a tackle. Why not swing for Jaelyn Duncan to kick off the third day of the 2023 NFL draft?