Ranking 10 players Chicago Bears must draft at pick 9

Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports
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As the Chicago Bears get ready to pick ninth in the 2023 NFL Draft they really do not have to worry about what other teams do. As long as they write down the nine best players on their board, they are for sure going to draft somebody on that list.

So, we will add one more and begin counting down the top ten options for the Chicago Bears.

10. Should Chicago Bears consider Lukas Van Ness?

Lukas Van Ness is right on the border of our top nine, and that is why he did top our list of guys that the Chicago Bears should not take at number nine. That is because there is a fair case to be made for him in this spot, but it also just feels like there will be a better option on the board.

Lukas Van Ness is almost all projection. Yes, you saw bits and pieces of glory and the highs are high. However, he did not start for Iowa and was limited in his time on the field. Beyond that, for big portions of the game, he would come and go.

Some wonder if he would be better adding some muscle and moving inside, but others see him as a bigger edge rusher. The reality Is that all of this is a projection when it comes to Lukas Van Ness. The upside that he brings could make us look back and think that he should have been higher. However, as the Chicago Bears stand right now, they need someone that they can take on solid footing and build around. Van Ness is too much of a question and too much of a thought at this point.