Ranking 10 players Chicago Bears must draft at pick 9

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Chicago Bears, Darnell Wright
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9. Is Darnell Wright an option for the Chicago Bears?

The name Darnell Wright has slowly crept up into the Chicago Bears range. It is hard to poke holes in his game, especially when you look at just his last season at right tackle. Wright struggled at left tackle and was nearly elite on the opposite side.

He followed that up with a great showing at the Senior Bowl, and then the NFL Combine as well. All of this has his stock soaring, but can he get to number nine? There are questions about the three years prior to his breakout, and the scheme that he ran with Tennessee is a bit different than what the Chicago Bears will ask.

Still, while he looks like he is a lumbering man, he is actually an amazing mover for his size, and he could fit into the Bears' zone-based scheme. Beyond that, he fits perfectly due to being a right tackle, The Chicago Bears could move Braxton Jones if they draft on the left side, but this fit is just so much cleaner.

There are enough questions with his projection, and at least a question if he can only play right tackle. That keeps him at nine, but taking a high-value position, and a good fit is not a bad idea.