Ranking 10 players Chicago Bears must draft at pick 9

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Chicago Bears, Tyree Wilson
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7. When will Tyree Wilson get drafted in the 2023 NFL Draft?

Of all of the players on this list, Tyree Wilson is the most likely to be drafted by the time the Chicago Bears pick. However, the team did bring him in, and while the room is hot on him, it only takes a team or two in the top nine to cause a tumble to the Chicago Bears.

Tyree Wilson is a mammoth of a human and checks all of the physical boxes that you would like to see from a premier defensive player. His pass rush productivity increased significantly during his senior year, and the highlight tape shows a player who can move up and down the defensive line and attack from all over.

He reminds you of Jadeveon Clowney in the way that he can come at with your brute force, and also line up over the center and charge at the quarterback with speed and momentum downhill. It is an intriguing combination. There are questions to his game, and he does not have the greatest arsenal of hand moves or the most bend. This, combined with the reality that he will be gone by this pick have him a bit lower. Still, there would be a time when the Chicago Bears would have to draft Tyree Wilson.