Ranking 10 players Chicago Bears must draft at pick 9

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Paris Johnson, Chicago Bears
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3. Paris Johnson should be a highly considered prospect for the Chicago Bears

If you wanted to make the case for Broderick Jones over Paris Johnson, you probably could. The fact that there are three options, and they all tear each other apart to set one above the rest is probably what makes so many down on the idea of a tackle at pick nine.

However, fans have to realize that while none of the three are elite and stand above the rest, in this draft there are no better options. Paris Johnson has everything you want from an NFL tackle.

He only has one year of starting experience at left tackle, but the upside is everything you needed to see. Johnson is another player that could clean things up and you will see his best play very soon. This is why he is over Skornski, who cannot get physically longer.

Paris Johnson has the length, foot quickness, and pass protection. He is an underclassman and he is just some needed experience away from being a ten-year starter on the blind side for Justin Fields. This seems easier than some fans are making it.