Ranking Chicago Bears in NFC North LB rooms

Where do the Chicago Bears linebackers rank compared to their peers in the NFC north?

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The Chicago Bears roster is better, but how much better did it get? To look into that, we will go through each position to see how the Bears stack up with their rivals. Today, we will be focusing on the linebackers. To keep things simple, we will look at each team's top four linebackers on the depth chart.

4. Minnesota Vikings: Jordan Hicks, Brian Asamoah, Troy Reeder, Troy Dye

Jordan Hicks has been a reliable starter since 2015, but he is 31 years old now, and you started to see him lose a step last year. Beyond him is a list of question marks. The Vikings drafted Asamoah to step in for Eric Kendricks this year, but all reports are that Reeder has been holding him off in OTAs. Reeder has been a decent depth player but does not move the needle, and Dye has mainly played special teams.

3. Detroit Lions: Jack Campbell, Alex Anzalone, Malcolm Rodriguez, Derrick Barnes

The Detroit Lions have done a lot to boost up this room. Both Derrick Barnes and Malcolm Rodriguez are recent draft picks who were thrown onto the field early due to a lack of depth but now will be competing to get on the field because the room is improved. Still, Anazlone can be good but has health questions, and while Jack Campbell is a first-round pick, he is also a rookie. So, the room is better, but still just at number three.

2. Green Bay Packers: DeVondre Campbell, Quay Walker, Isaiah McDuffie, Eric Wilson

Campbell had a great season back in 2021 and earned an extension. His play was more up and down in 2022, and not quite up to his salary. Quay Walker is a former first-round pick, and he had some serious ups, but he also had downs and needs to show more. What is keeping Green Bay at two is the depth, though. Neither McDuffie nor Wilson should be trusted, especially in comparison to the names of the number one team.

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1. Chicago Bears: Tremaine Edmunds, TJ Edwards, Jack Sanborn, Noah Sewell

The Chicago Bears put so much into this room they better be number one. Edmunds is younger, more productive, and overall a more physically impressive player than Campbell, and TJ Edwards may have had the best 2022 season of all of the linebackers on this list. Sanborn flashed as a rookie, although injuries hurt his chances of earning a bigger role. Sewell is a day-three rookie, but these two young players have enough upside, and Sanborn showed enough as well. This group is clearly number one.