Ranking 4 Chicago Bears offensive coordinators who have interviewed for the job

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The Chicago Bears have interviewed four offensive coordinator candidates so far this offseason. All of them have a similar background, but they also come with varying resumes as well. Matt Eberflus said that the Bears would be picking from a shortlist of candidates, so if these are the four options, when it comes down to it, which would be the most inspiring for Chicago Bears fans?

4. Liam Coen

Liam Coen is the current offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach for Kentucky. While he coached in college last year, he had a few stints in the NFL, including as the offensive coordinator for the Los Angeles Rams. 

The reason for hiring Coen is simple. He brings some of the offensive principles that Sean McVay likes. McVay plucked him from college twice already, so he obviously has an influence, and Coen has had success in college. 

However, the two times Coen saw a bigger role in the Rams' offense were two of the worst years for the Rams' offense, and they were both one-year stints that led to Coen moving back to the college ranks. 

Coen is almost solely being hired because Sean McVay likes him, which has had some merit to it, but on an individual level, nothing he has done in the NFL has translated to success quite yet. Would he be similar to Luke Getsy, who they just hired because the name sounded popular at the time?