Ranking 4 Chicago Bears offensive coordinators who have interviewed for the job

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3. Greg Olson 

The Chicago Bears interviewed their former offensive coordinator going all the way back to 2003. Greg Olson has currently been the Seattle Seahawks quarterbacks coach, but he has a long track record of working with quarterbacks, going back to 1999 when he coached Drew Brees at Purdue. 

In the NFL, he worked with rookie quarterbacks such as Rex Grossman, Joey Harrington, Josh Freeman, and second-year quarterbacks Derek Carr, Blake Bortles, Jared Goff, and now most recently, Geno Smith. 

On the positive, Greg Olson has worked with a lot of young quarterbacks for a long time. Coaches such as Steve Maricucci, Jon Gruden, and Sean McVay have been attracted to his ability to work with quarterbacks. 

On the negative, look at the list of quarterbacks he worked with. Maybe Grossman, Harrington and Freeman were just bad, but they got drafted higher than their outcome in the NFL suggested. The same can be said with Blake Bortles. Olson had success with Gruden and McVay using Carr and Goff, but how much of it is that he is a great quarterbacks coach and a bad offensive coordinator?

The interview makes sense, but it should end with that.