Ranking 4 Chicago Bears offensive coordinators who have interviewed for the job

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1. Shane Waldron

Shane Waldron appears to be the obvious top option of the names available. He is currently the offensive coordinator for the Seattle Seahawks. His last couple of years with Geno Smith and his limited time with Russell Wilson already is more successful than anything that Kubiak, Coen, and Olson have put together as a playcaller in the NFL. 

More than that, he has a reputation for being in the Sean McVay tree as well. Sean McVay hired Waldron to be a part of his staff back when he was the offensive coordinator with Washington, and then he was rehired for three seasons when he was with the Rams. 

Waldron came up under Bill Belichick with the New England Patriots and worked with Charlie Weiss as well. With that, he doesn’t just bring the McVay background; he is more well-rounded than that. 

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When you combine the people he has worked with being so varying, the play calling success and years of success, and the same McVay influence that the Bears want from all of their coordinators, it makes sense why Waldron is the top candidate of these names.