Chicago Bears Offseason: 3 Best moves by Ryan Poles in 2023

Chicago Bears, Ryan Poles
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The offseason is not over and I am still holding out hope that Ryan Poles and the Chicago Bears sign or trade for (preferably sign) an edge rusher. The team could honestly sign two of the better free-agent pass rushers still on the market and I'd feel better about the defense heading into 2023, while the team also moves closer to spending the amount needed for their cash floor.

If it was truly part of the offseason, then earning, if you want to call it that, the top pick in the 2023 NFL Draft was arguably the best move. The problem is that was not anything that Ryan Poles and Matt Eberflus earned. Instead, they owe plenty of thanks to the Houston Texans for winning that final game last season.

Ranking the top three moves the Chicago Bears have made this offseason

The Chicago Bears will be heading into Poles' and Eberflus' second season. I am expecting bigger things as the offense and defense enter the year going into the same systems that were installed last season. This should be a big plus for the offense especially. Justin Fields and the skill position players should look even faster this year and hopefully more efficient.

As the offseason continues to press on and most of the players are voluntarily working out with the team, we take a look back at the moves Ryan Poles has made up to this point and rank the top three moves he has made in 2023.