Chicago Bears Offseason: 3 Best moves by Ryan Poles in 2023

Chicago Bears, Ryan Poles
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Chicago Bears, Nate Davis
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Chicago Bears Offseason Move No. 2: Nate Davis signing

Right now, this signing looks awful as Nate Davis is not at voluntary OTAs. This is disappointing since Davis was the top free-agent signing for the offense this offseason. The Chicago Bears looked to shake things up on the offensive line and Davis was the perfect plug-in option. The team is shifting Cody Whitehair to center (not feeling too great) and Teven Jenkins to left guard. The addition of rookie offensive tackle Darnell Wright makes this offensive line look and feel completely different.

You'd think that a player joining a new team would want to build some chemistry, but we need to remember that these workouts are voluntary. It should also not shock anyone as Nate Davis skipped voluntary OTAs with the Titans last year as well. I'm not overly concerned with Davis skipping things now as long as he shows up for training camp in August. The offensive line was arguably the second-biggest weakness of the Chicago Bears in 2022. I'd say the defensive line was worse. Ryan Poles and company had to upgrade the unit.

Davis is not even 27 yet. He signed a three-year deal with the Bears at an annual average of $10 million per year. He was a solid contributor and reliable option for the Titans throughout his four years with the team. Combining him with Teven Jenkins seems like a massive upgrade to the middle of this line. Even Cody Whitehair at center seems like an upgrade over the rotation of Lucas Patrick and Sam Mustipher.