Ranking Chicago Bears QB Rooms in NFC North

Mark Hoffman / Milwaukee Journal

Now that we are in the midst of the summer, it is time for ranking season. This is the time to reassess the Chicago Bears roster by seeing how they stack up to their competition. Today we will see how the Bears' quarterback room looks compared to the division. Of course, we factor in depth, but for quarterbacks, it is about the top signal callers.

4. Green Bay Packers: Jordan Love, Sean Clifford

How the mighty have fallen. Green Bay fans will complain and say they are just fine at quarterback. It is easy to have that bravado when you pulled Aaron Rodgers from the same situation years ago. However, until Jordan Love proves he is the next Rodgers, we must treat him like Jordan Love.

He was drafted later than someone like Justin Fields, so the upside bet is not there yet, and he also has not proven anything in the NFL. It is pretty easy to understand this one. Beyond that is Sean Clifford, who is easily the worst backup of anyone in this group. When you have the worst backup and the most questionable starter, you have some serious problems.

3. Chicago Bears: Justin Fields, PJ Walker

Now that we annoyed Green Bay Packers fans, it is time for Chicago Bears fans to get mad. Your time is coming, Bears. By this time next season, Justin Fields could be the number-one guy. However, we have not seen enough yet to make that claim yet, and he is still the quarterback who led the team to the number one overall pick.

You can say that the other signal callers do not have the upside, but they both have the experience. The addition of PJ Walker made them much closer to number two than expected.

2. Detroit Lions: Jared Goff, Hendon Hooker

Jared Goff could easily see the ships pass in the night, and Justin Fields will be the better quarterback moving forward, starting next year. However, right now, you have to give it to Goff. He has made the Super Bowl, and even with the Lions last year, they were so close to the playoffs.

This year, he has arguably been the best skill player since the Rams' Super Bowl run. With that in mind, we cannot simply pass Fields over Goff. The addition of Hendon Hooker helps the depth stay above Chicago as well. Hooker may miss the year, but even Nate Sudfield is a reliable backup.

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1. Minnesota Vikings: Kirk Cousins, Nick Mullens

The Minnesota Vikings step into the top spot now that Aaron Rodgers is gone. If Kirk Cousins has one thing going for him, it is consistency. The highs of Goff and Fields have been higher, but the lows for both have been much lower. Kirk Cousins has stayed consistent. Now that he has Jordan Addison and T.J. Hockenson with Justin Jefferson, there is no reason to expect a falloff.

Beyond Cousins, the reality is that Nick Mullens is probably the best backup quarterback in this group as well. Yes, his stats are mainly with Kyle Shanahan, so they deserve an asterisk. Still, Mullens has proven to be capable in small doses, and the playcalling in Minnesota could probably guide them through a game or two with those weapons.