Ranking 5 best RB fits for Chicago Bears in 2023 NFL Draft

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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While we ranked the top five running backs in the 2023 NFL draft, the odds of the Chicago Bears drafting them are not as high. If they do draft a running back, it will probably be a complimentary role-player, and it may not be early in the draft. So, while those are the top names, are they really the names the Bears are identifying?

5. Travis Dye, USC

Travis Dye is exactly what we are talking about when we say he is not going to crack a top-five list, unless you mean fits for the Chicago Bears. Dye is projected to be a seventh-round pick, and may even fall to a UDFA. This is when the Bears should be focusing on running back.

Dye is a fit in terms of draft slot, but even more from his fit. Dye is not the between-the-tackles grinder. The lack of contact balance and his charging running style between the tackles is why he will not go higher.

However, he is one of the best backs in pass protection. He caught over 40 passes for Oregon in 2021, and that caused him to transfer to USC in 2022, where he was primarily the third down back. If the Chicago Bears want to add somebody who can compete with Travis Homer, this is their guy.

The fit is perfect, and if they are going to replace a back, they need to look to upgrade over Homer. With the cost being right, do not be surprised if this ends up being their guy.