Ranking 5 best RB fits for Chicago Bears in 2023 NFL Draft

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Chicago Bears, Chase Brown
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3. Chase Brown, Illinois

Chase Brown brings a lot of similar traits to the table as Evan Hull. They are both local guys, which gives them the fan favoritsm. Still, they both fit because like Hull, Brown has a little of everything in his skill set.

He is not afraid to hit any hole with wreckless abandon and find out what happens. He is athletic to rip off big runs, and he is a better pass protector than Evan Hull. He is better in protection but is worse as a pass catcher. He is also is not as good of a decision-maker, although he may be more powerful overall.

So, there are pros and cons. The other question is where he will go. According to Mock Draft, Database Chase Brown is being mocked as a fourth-round pick, while Evan Hull usually goes as a seventh-round pick. If the draft cost ends up being similar, you can see that the power and pass protection of Brown may make him the better option. Between Dye, Brown, and Hull, he is the best suited to beat out Homer and serve a role next season.

However, the Chicago Bears have to be wondering if they should draft Chase Brown in the fifth round if they could end up feeling better with Evan Hull a couple of rounds later.