Ranking 5 best RB fits for Chicago Bears in 2023 NFL Draft

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Chicago Bears, Roschon Johnson
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2. Roschon Johnson, Texas

Earlier in the offseason, we wrote that Roschon Johnson would be the perfect option for the Chicago Bears. To be fair this is back when many saw Johnson in the seventh round range, and now that his name has picked up steam, many view him closer to round four.

Still, if the Chicago Bears want to fill a role for next season while also looking to the future, they may role with Roschon Johnson. The obvious downside and reason that Johnson will go late is that he was the backup to Bijan Robinson throughout his career. So, he did not get much work.

However, the work he did get is translatable. He can catch out of the backfield and can pass protect. Also, the Longhorns would ease some of the wear and tear on Robinson by using Johnson as the chain mover in those power situations. Lastly, and a big reason he is rising up boards is that Johnson can play special teams.

The combination of power and pass protection gets him on the field, but the special teams show us a floor of a player who will make the roster. The Chicago Bears can draft Johnson without fear of pushing out the other three backs. The question with Johnson is more about whether he will go late enough, or if he is no longer a sleeper.