Ranking 10 Chicago Bears under most pressure in preseason week one

Which Chicago Bears players have the most on the line in the preseason debut?

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Jaylon Jones, Chicago Bears
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7. Will Jaylon Jones make the Chicago Bears roster?

Jaylon Jones was a rookie UDFA from Ole Miss. He climbed up the depth chart and ended up getting onto the NFL field for real defensive snaps earlier than many expected. It was not the best season but it will happen when you are a rookie UDFA lining up against Justin Jefferson.

Still, Jones is back for year two and wants to try to win a roster spot. He earned one last year, but the path will be tougher now that Tyrique Stevenson and Terell Smith are in the building. With Jaylon Johnson and Kyler Gordon returning, four spots are locked. Josh Blackwell is the backup slot, and a special teams asset so he could be five.

The last spot could come down to Kindle Vildor or Jaylon Jones. Vildor started last season, so this wll be a tough ask for Jones. Still, Jones is younger, cheaper, and brings more team control. If he gives them a reason, they will choose him. The question is whether he can give them that reason or not. He needs to represent himself well this weekend.