Ranking 10 Chicago Bears under most pressure in preseason week one

Which Chicago Bears players have the most on the line in the preseason debut?

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Chicago Bears, Jack Sanborn
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5. Is Jack Sanborn under pressure this weekend?

The Chicago Bears have maintained that Jack Sanborn will not lose his starting job due to injury. However, everything the team did was to ensure he saw the field less. They added both Tremaine Edmunds, and TJ Edwards, but more than that they drafted Noah Sewell.

The same front office that did not draft Sanborn clearly had a higher pre-draft grade on Sewell because of the cost to acquire him. So, while they are saying Sanborn has no pressure, the pressure is on. Every day you seem to hear about Sewell making a big hit, being in the right spot, or being near the ball.

On the flip side, Sanborn struggles to stay on the field because he is still recovering. If Sanborn hardly plays this week, and Sewell dominates, you have to wonder when the two start to chnage roles. Things change fast in the NFL, and while it was true that they held down the spot for Sanborn, game tape can change that opinion very quick.