Ranking 6 best edge rusher fits for Chicago Bears in 2023 NFL draft

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The Chicago Bears have added some depth to the edge rusher room, but most would agree that this is still a position of need. If the Chicago Bears do not take an edge rusher in the top ten, there is a decent bit of depth to be found in the second or third round of the 2023 NFL draft.

Who are some of those players, and who should fans hope goes before they pick, and who should they hope will be on the board?

6. Should Chicago Bears draft Keion White from Georgia Tech?

Right after the NFL season ended Daniel Jeremiah had Keion White as one of his top ten prospects in the draft. Cooler heads prevailed, and Jeremiah remains high on White, but it is a much lower ranking, closer to consensus.

Still, most consensus rankings have him in the top 50 to 60 players, and it does make him a fit for the Chicago Bears. The question is if he is the best fit. White took an interesting path to the NFL, starting his career as a fullback at Old Dominion. He moved to the edge at ODU before transferring to Georgia Tech.

White has a legitimate blend of size and speed. You can also see that fullback mentality when he puts his shoulder down and looks to blow up offensive linemen and running backs. However, he is still pretty raw as a pass rusher and is a fifth-year senior. That is not the combination you want.

White impressed at the Senior Bowl, but seeing how raw he was is why Jeremiah backed off his top ten take. Still, in the second round it is more about adding another thick run defender who can explode off of the snap. If the Chicago Bears get more out of his game that is great. Still, the raw ability is why some see him as a first-round guy, and some see him lower on a list of second-round choices.