Ranking 6 best edge rusher fits for Chicago Bears in 2023 NFL draft

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Isaiah Foskey, Chicago Bears
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5. Should Chicago Bears draft Isaiah Foskey from Notre Dame?

The Chicago Bears could get some more experience with Isaiah Foskey. Foskey is a multiple-year starter for the Fighting Irish and had been seeing legitimate snaps since the 2020 season. Foskey also fits the HITS principle and is an intense player who is a leader.

At times Foskey can lose leverage against the run, but it will never be a lack of effort against the run, as his motor runs hot. Foskey relied pretty heavily on his long arm and ability to convert speed into power. When he can get his punch inside you he can usually take you for a ride.

The issue with Foskey is that he is overly reliant on one move and does not have many counters, or any inside moves at all. He is also pretty role-specific and will not be asked to slide inside.

Still, he would come in and immediately be one of the best rushers of the edge group, and he would definitely help set a culture. In the second round, it is not a bad bet.