Ranking 6 best edge rusher fits for Chicago Bears in 2023 NFL draft

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Derick Hall, Chicago Bears
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4. Should Chicago Bears draft Derick Hall from Auburn?

Derick Hall is another player who has great experience and would fit just based on the HITS principle. He plays the game intensly, and he plays from the echo of the whistle through the echo of the whistle. One of the best traits that Hall has is his get-off, and ability to break as the snap is coming.

He gains a step on his competition and can often bend the corner from there. He also fights and scraps and makes life tough for any opposing tackles. Derick Hall is a bit shorter and lighter. He plays physically against the run, but at times can just be overpowered.

However, he is a nice complement to what the Chicago Bears are doing. They have Rasheem Green and DeMarcus Walker who are thicker and defend the run well. Then, Hall could be the speed rusher who comes flying off of the edge. It would be a nice fit. He probably needs to go somewhere where he could excel in a similar rotation, which is why he may be available in this spot.

If Derick Hall is available, the Chicago Bears should definitely have interest.