Ranking 6 best edge rusher fits for Chicago Bears in 2023 NFL draft

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Will McDonald, Chicago Bears
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3. Should Chicago Bears draft Will McDonald from Iowa State?

Of all of the edge rushers on this list, it could be easy to see Will McDonald as the least likely to end up with the Chicago Bears. Some of that is just due to his talent, though. After a big-time NFL Combine followed up by a solid pro day, some are seeing him as a late first-round pick, if not a lock for the top 50.

With that in mind, the Chicago Bears are probably not looking his way. That may have been the case anyways, though as he is not quite the best fit. McDonald's is thin and is a speed rusher in most cases. He may have the most questions against the run.

The issue with McDonald is that so much of his game is projection because he was essentially playing 3-4 defensive end at Iowa State, and he would be better served as a 3-4 outside linebacker.

He played the 4i often and would line up between tackles and guards. Due to his size, he was getting blown up in the run game. If he played off the tackle more, would he hold up better? We know his pass rush should improve. Still, his size suggests that Matt Eberflus would not love the fit.

Because he could slip, and because he would be the best player available at his draft slot we have to consider him. However, he is not the best option.