Ranking 6 sleeper edge rushers for Chicago Bears in 2023 NFL Draft

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Yaya Diaby, Chicago Bears
Scott Utterback/Courier Journal / USA

4. Chicago Bears could draft YaYa Diaby from Louisville

YaYa Diaby took the Junior College route to getting attention from a bigger school like Louisville. He played a bit in 2020 and then started the next two seasons for the Cardinal. Diaby is an interesting player who may have his best days ahead of him.

You can tell that he is athletic by the way that he shoots out of his stance. Louisville took advantage of this and often asked him to slash inside and create stunts and twists. This is when he was best and it showed his athletic upside.

However, a lot of the reason that happened was because he is raw as a rusher. He needs to get better at using his hands and needs to improve his technique anchoring in the run game. Still, the Bears can use him rotationally to shoot gaps in the run game.

They can also use him outside, and someone like DeMarcus Walker and use games and twists to create rush lanes on obvious pass downs. There is enough of a role, and the developmental upside of a starter makes this an intriguing pick.