Ranking 10 best free agent fits for Chicago Bears

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Chicago Bears, Garrett Bradbury
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8. Chicago Bears may want to give Garrett Bradbury a call

While Andrew Janocko in the Chicago Bears quarterbacks coach, it is at least worth remembering that he was an offensive assistant for the Vikings, which meant he was working with Garrett Bradbury at times during his first few seasons in the NFL.

Bradbury struggled early in his career, but had his best season in 2022. It may have to do with wanting a contract and the team not picking up his fifth-year option. However, it also may be because the new head coach Kevin O'Connell is an offensive mind who helped his players, compared to Mike Zimmer who had a different philosophy.

It is fair to say that the new scheme benefitted Bradbury and the Chicago Bears are also looking to get their center as a lead in a zone-blocking scheme.

Bradbury is never going to win with power, but he is a good athlete, and in the right scheme that can be used to an advantage that other teams struggle against. The Vikings' offense was cooking with him, and once he suffered an injury the team started their collapse. You cannot attribute that all to Bradbury, but their center play took a big drop back.

Bradbury is a former first-round pick and this will only be his fifth NFL season. Beyond that, because he finished the season with a minor injury, his cost is not going to be very high. The Chicago Bears may be smart to see if his best play is still ahead of him.