Ranking 10 best free agent fits for Chicago Bears

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Chicago Bears, Bobby Okereke
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2. Chicago Bears will have obvious interest in Bobby Okereke

If you had to be on someone to sign with the Chicago Bears it is hard to go far before thinking of Bobby Okereke. Okereke was a third-round pick from the Indianapolis Colts. That obviously ties him to Matt Eberflus, who was the defensive coordinator when the team drafted him.

Eberflus saw him go from a reserve as a rookie to a multiple-year starter in the NFL. Now, he can bring him to Chicago. More than that, his linebackers coach with the Colts was Dave Borgonzi. That is the same Borgonzi who currently is the Chicago Bears linebackers coach.

It is really easy to put the connection together, especially since Okereke flourished with Eberflus and Borgonzi. Beyond that, Okereke is better in coverage, while Jack Sanborn will need to improve in that area. The relationships are there, but the fit drives home how likely this connection is.