Ranking 5 games on the Chicago Bears schedule that are most winnable

Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears
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4. The Chicago Bears have a good chance to beat the Las Vegas Raiders

If the Chicago Bears beat the Minnesota Vikings and get to 2-4 there will be a small spark of interest. However, if they can rattle off three straight wins and get back to 3-4, the Bears have a chance to break the fans' hearts all over again.

The schedule happens to break a way in that the Bears easier portion of the schedule is right now, and it is coming all in a row. It is not a lock that the Bears will beat the Raiders, but if the Bears are going to pick up a few wins along the way, this is one of the ways that they can do this.

The Raiders have issues on their offensive line. The Bears have been beaten by Davante Adams before, but after Adams, the weapons are not as tough as a team like the Buccaneers.

Their defense is not nearly as good. Their secondary is shaky and features a rookie, Jakorian Bennett, who can be tested. They have Maxx Crosby, but the pass rush beyond that is incomplete. That is because of Chandler Jones, who has been calling out the team and coaching staff. As bad as Matt Eberflus has been, the Raiders head coach, Josh McDaniels, has had just as many issues, if not more.

So, the Raiders will be on the road, they will have a bad record, and they will be hanging onto the locker room. A few big runs by Justin Fields could break this team.