Ranking 5 games on the Chicago Bears schedule that are most winnable

Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears
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3. Are the Arizona Cardinals good enough to beat the Chicago Bears?

In week 16, the Arizona Cardinals will be heading to the Chicago Bears. While the Cardinals have fought hard for their coach, and things look good now, they are 1-4, the same record as the Chicago Bears. The team will not turn on their coach, but by the end of the season, the same intensity will not last.

This game will be played on Christmas Eve, and the Cardinals will be going from their warm climate to the cold of Chicago. Who knows who will be playing quarterback for the Cardinals? Still, it would be easy to see that team struggle to get up for this type of game.

The Cardinals' secondary is already thin, and they are already just hanging in games by catching teams off-guard. This is not a roster built for depth and as the season goes on we could not only see a team that is not nearly as motivated, we could see a team that is depleted on paper. The Bears came into the season better on paper, and they should have better depth, too. The only way the Bears lose this game is if they are out-coached, and this could be a nail-in-the-coffin loss for Matt Eberflus.