Ranking 5 games on the Chicago Bears schedule that are most winnable

Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears
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Chicago Bears, Desmond Ridder
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2. The Chicago Bears get the Atlanta Falcons at the right time

The Chicago Bears have a chance to finish the 2023 season strong. They have Arizona at home on Christmas Eve, and then on New Years Eve, they play the Atlanta Falcons at home. This is pretty good timing by the Chicago Bears once again.

When they played the Falcons last year, the game was played on turf. Now, the warm weather Falcons will be coming from Atlanta, and the dome into the cold weather of Chicago on New Year's Eve. This is another game where the Bears can take advantage of being at home and the Falcons not having the right mindset.

The Falcons could be playing for something in this game when you factor in the division they play in, but at the same time, they could add a level of stress that causes them to play tight in a bad weather scenario.

More than anything, Justin Fields is better than Desmond Ridder. The Falcons have some better pieces, but by the time D.J. Moore hits week 17, he should be on another level with Fields. Ridder has struggled, and even after a win against the Texans, there is a small curiosity that the Falcons could bench Ridder at some point. A backup in the cold at the Bears could be a win.