Ranking 5 day two interior DL Chicago Bears must consider in 2023 NFL draft

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Chicago Bears, Byron Young
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3. Byron Young from Alabama could help the Chicago Bears

Byron Young is just an overall solid player and would be a great fit for the Chicago Bears. What makes him a nice addition is that he played up and down the Alabama defensive line, and got work during all four years of his career. When Nick Saban trusts you to wear multiple hats you know you have the playbook down.

Byron Young wins with smarts, anticipation, and sound hand usage. The issue with him is that he lacks real explosiveness, and struggles both laterally, and getting push off of the snap. His body type is closer to a tweener type, but because he is so sound technically he can be a jack of all trades and take snaps here and there rather than end up as a master of none.

The upside is not sky-high, and that is why he will not get drafted high, but his floor is equally as high because he can get on an NFL in a rotation for a game tomorrow. It will be interesting to see how the NFL values that profile, and if he fits the Chicago Bears. He certainly has the HITs principle down.