Ranking 5 day two interior DL Chicago Bears must consider in 2023 NFL draft

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Chicago Bears, Gervon Dexter

1. Will Chicago Bears take chance on Gervon Dexter from Florida?

The Chicago Bears could take a swing for the fences if they draft Gervon Dexter from Florida. Dexter has the most impressive flashes of brilliance and intense athletic ability. When it all comes together for him he is as impressive as anybody in the class.

The issue is that he has been wildly inconsistent over the past two seasons. He relies on his athletic traits and does not have the ability to finish or put together consistent production.

What is interesting to note is that he compares favorably to Chris Jones from an athletic and physical standpoint. He happened to play for the same coaching staff that Jones had at Mississippi State when he was in Florida. Jones fell for a lot of the same reasons, and you have to wonder if there is a correlation between the staff and these questions, but also the flashes.

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Chris Jones answered all questions and then some. Even if Dexter does not hit that type of ceiling, Jones is a success story of someone who harnessed that skillset and became everything the Chicago Bears need right now. Ryan Poles was there when the Chiefs bet on Chris Jones, do they bet on Gervon Dexter to be their guy in round two?