Ranking 10 prospects Chicago Bears must target on Day 2

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Chicago Bears, Isaiah Foskey
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4. Isaiah Foskey, Edge, Notre Dame

If the Chicago Bears are drafting players who fits the HITS principle, they are looking at Isaiah Foskey. Foskey is a player who hustles hard. When you watch him play and when you read draft profiles you see and hear the hustle that he plays with. That is what the Bears want to invest in.

The question with Foskey is whether he is a one-trick pony. He has a long arm and knows how to use it. He creates push with it and can push pockets. However, he lacks counters off of it and does not have much bend around the edge. Foskey mostly relies on that long arm and his hustle to clean things up as a pass rusher.

His hustle shows in the run game as well, but he could anchor better. Still, that is why this is not a round-one pick, and also why he may not crack the top 50. If the Chicago Bears see him around pick 61, they may be seeing the best player and someone who can rotate in as a pass rusher.