Ranking 10 prospects Chicago Bears must target on Day 2

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Derick Hall, Chicago Bears
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3. Derick Hall, Edge from Auburn is a great option for the Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears went with an SEC player who was at the Senior Bowl in the first round. If they go back to that well, it could lead to them selecting Derick Hall in the 2023 NFL Draft.

Derick Hall may be slightly ahead of Isaiah Foskey as the top option for the Chicago Bears. The reality is that Hall has a few more moves and a little bit more juice in his pass-rushing arsenal. The thing with Hall is that he is shorter and thinner, and at times he can get blown up in the run game. It is not for lack of trying, but someone like Fosey can generate power quicker.

However, Hall does a great job of creating speed to power, and his punch as a pass rusher makes you feel his presence. Hall could improve in the run game, but we already noted that the Bears have better-run defenders than pass rushers at this point. So, getting a pass rusher who may be able to rotate in with a chance to improve in the run game could be the move.