Ranking 10 prospects Chicago Bears must target on Day 2

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Chicago Bears, Keeanu Benton
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2. Keeanu Benton, DL from Wisconsin is a top option for the Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears need to have eyes on Keeanu Benton and find out if he could fall to them. He is another Senior Bowl player, and you know the Chicago Bears were watching him closely. That is when he improved his stock the most.

At Wisconsin, and in the Big 10, run defense was glorified. Wisconsin played him inside at the nose tackle and one-technique more than as a three technique and pass rusher. This had some thinking he was limited. However, the Senior Bowl disproved that as Benton exploded off the ball and won with his hands as a pass rusher. He had a great NFL combine as well, and showed that he does in fact have a little more in his step than he showed at Wisconsin.

He is already a good run defender, but there is a real chance that he can fill that three-technique role as well. The combination of floor and ceiling is exactly what you want. This is the type of player that can make you forget about passing on Jalen Carter. The question with Keanu Benton is far more about whether he falls to the Bears than if they pass on him. They could love a fit like that.