Ranking 24 roster bubble players on the Chicago Bears entering 2023 preseason

We identified roster locks for the Chicago Bears 53-man roster. Now, who are the players most likely to fill the bubble spots?

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Velus Jones, Chicago Bears
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Chicago Bears wide receiver

1. Velus Jones (inside top 12)

A lot of people do not think that Velus Jones is on the bubble after his disastrous rookie season. He is probably one of the top 12 bubble players here, but he struggled to stay active as a rookie, and there are multiple new names above him now.

2. Equanimeous St. Brown

Velus Jones was actually behind St. Brown for the entirety of the 2022 season. This is why it is hard to make Jones a lock. We have four locks, and ESB is number two on the bubble, which means WR6. That is going to be right around that 12th or 13th player.

3. Dante Pettis (outside top 12)

Dante Pettis has not been able to practice much this week, and that has definitely hurt him. He is probably behind St. Brown and Jones and cannot prove that he is any better at the moment. This has him outside, before the preseason.

Chicago Bears tight end

1. Jake Tonges (inside top 12)

The Chicago Bears currently have just two tight ends that we listed as locks, so someone from this group has to make the roster. Tonges made it last year, and he has the ability to shuffle inside and play H-back if needed. If that is the case, he still gets the nod.

2. Chase Allen

As we noted with St. Brown, the roster spot of someone like Allen will come down to roster math and whether they want a sixth wide receiver, a fourth tight end, neither, or both.