Ranking 24 roster bubble players on the Chicago Bears entering 2023 preseason

We identified roster locks for the Chicago Bears 53-man roster. Now, who are the players most likely to fill the bubble spots?

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Terrell Lewis, Chicago Bears
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Chicago Bears defensive line

1. Terrell Lewis (inside top 12)

Terrell Lewis has turned heads this offseason and is closing in on lock status. However, the team has not put the pads on, and Lewis Is known for his injuries costing him more than his play. So, the team is excited but cautious.

2. Travis Bell (outside top 12)

Travis Bell was a seventh-round draft pick, but that does not lock him onto the roster this year. He will have to prove the team needs a fifth interior lineman because the four locked in above him are not moving. He is a small school player whom Ryan Poles bet on, so it may be easy to get him back to the practice squad.

3. Andrew Brown (outside top 12)

Andrew Brown was signed off of the Arizona Cardinals practice squad and got onto the field for the Bears in the closing games of the season. This is what has him on the bubble, and he has inside-outside versatility that the team likes, but he needs a strong summer to prove his worth.

4. Jalyn Holmes (outside top 12)

Jalyn Holmes has a similar story to Brown. He was signed off of another teams practice squad, and wound up getting some snaps late in the season. He is versatile, and could be a ninth or tenth lineman due to that. Still, he has work to do on the roster bubble.

Chicago Bears linebacker

1. Dylan Cole (inside top 12)

The Chicago Bears signed Dylan Cole this offseason from the Titans. He is a special teamer, but he did not get much in guarantees, and the room is stacked ahead of him, we have four locks as of now, so it is hard to say he is a lock until we see him a bit more with his new team.

2. DeMarquis Gates

Gates is going to be right on the edge. He has two paths to the roster. First, he could beat out Cole for LB5. Also, the Bears could keep six linebackers. They probably would in most cases, but the top five will be talented, so it will come down to the roster math and whether the team keeps six linebackers or not.