Ranking 5 best tackle options if Chicago Bears pass in round one

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Chicago Bears, Blake Freeland
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4. Blake Freeland, BYU

Blake Freeland is a really interesting prospect. He has a couple of things going for him. The first is his athletic profile. Freeland jumped out of the gym, and had a sound overall profile.

Beyond that, he is not your traditional BYU player who took a few years off for mission work. He is just 22 years old when he enters the NFL, while most BYU players do not get this far until much older.

Freeland was starting for the Cougars back when Zach Wilson was tearing it up in 2020. He was the right tackle. However, when Brady Christensen was drafted by the Panthers that year, he moved over to the left side.

Blake Freeland spent the past two seasons as the starting left tackle and started to build his stock.

So, he is young enough but has the serious experience and athletic ability. He still has technical issues as well, but he has a profile that can be compared favorably to Eric Fisher. Of course, Fisher went first overall, and Freeland is a likely third-round pick, but the body type is the same.

This matters because Ryan Poles was with the Chiefs when they drafted Fisher, and with the drafting of Braxton Jones, he definitely appears to like that type of athlete. Will Blake Freeland be the discount Eric Fisher?

This is another great bet because he could play both left and right tackle, and has experience in all four years of his college career.