Ranking 5 best tackle options if Chicago Bears pass in round one

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Chicago Bears, Jaelyn Duncan
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

2. Jaelyn Duncan, Maryland

Jaelyn Duncan is an interesting prospect and may have been the highest-rated of this group at this point last year. The 2021 season was better for Duncan than his follow-up in 2022. Many thought he could use his 2022 to ascend into round one, but that just has not materialized.

The plus with Dunacn is that he is a really smooth mover. He is great in his backdrop and it is hard for speed rushers to get around the edge. Duncan did well and improved his stock at the Senior Bowl, mainly because he is good in those one-on-one drills, and is tough to get around.

The issue with Duncan is that he has a lot of technical issues with his hand placement. This improved a bit at the Senior Bowl, but you saw a team like Ohio State expose him with better technical play. Duncan could beat the weaker teams with his athletic profile, but once similar athletes with better skills came into play, he struggled.

Duncan is another player that some think would be the best guard. He is such an easy mover that he could be better in the run game, and if you give him bumpers such as a tackle and center beside him, he could be more comfortable, and less exposed against those true athletes on the edge.

This is why he will be in consideration on day two. Do the Chicago Bears think that if they can clean up his hands his footwork is too good to move off of tackle? Or do they not see it with him?