Ranking 5 best tackle options if Chicago Bears pass in round one

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Chicago Bears, Matthew Bergeron
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1. Is Syracuse tackle Matthew Bergeron the best option for the Chicago Bears?

It will be interesting to see how teams view Matthew Bergeron in the NFL. By most lists and mock drafts, if the Chicago Bears pass on a tackle in the first round, the next best bet may be Matthew Bergeron.

Some view Bergeron as a guard, almost for the opposite reasons as Matthew Bergeron. Bergeron is a powerful player who gets a great push in the run game. He also is best at climbing to the second level and finding blocks down the field to spring big runs.

However, his footwork is inconsistent and can be laboring. Fast rushers can get around the edge with too much ease, and they can also get Bergeron to overcommit to the outside rush and then set himself up for the inside move. Bergeron has the hand placement to fight, and you think that if he is a box at guard, that may be for the best.

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Bergeron may be the better, and more consistent lineman, but he is more likely to succeed at guard. Duncan probably has a better chance to get a shot at tackle. Either way, they are the names you have to consider if you do not go tackle high in the 2023 NFL draft.