Ranking the Chicago Bears' wide receiver trade up options

Three WRs on the board, and only one need to make it to the Chicago Bears, unless...

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The common draft strategy slotted for the Chicago Bears is to draft Caleb Williams No. 1 overall, then potentially draft back in the draft if one of the top 3 receivers isn't available.

Ryan Poles and the Chicago Bears could trade up for one of the top 3 receivers in this draft

There is also an idea, however, that the Chicago Bears could take a Houston Texans-esque approach to the first round of the draft by trading up, instead. There's a belief across the league that Justin Fields wasn't set up to succeed in Chicago, and there are varying levels of truth to that. In this situation, Caleb Williams is being set up from the jump.

It didn't happen immediately with Justin Fields, but Ryan Poles has done a good job of building the entire team, rather than just solely building around Justin Fields. Building a good team is most important in this scenario, so while Justin Fields wasn't built around in the most ideal way, the Bears right their wrongs in this scenario.

In this off-season specifically, the Bears' draft choices are a hot topic of discussion. Staying and No. 9 and selecting one of the top receivers appears to be the most ideal option, however, if one of these projected trades go through, the Chicago Bears could truly jump-start their competitive window.

The 2024 NFL Draft class is loaded at wide receiver, so the option to trade back at No. 9 if one of these three isn't available is valid.

If a trade up is on the table, however, these three options should be considered.