Ranking the Chicago Bears' wide receiver trade up options

Three WRs on the board, and only one need to make it to the Chicago Bears, unless...

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Chicago Bears, Marvin Harrison Jr.
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Option No. 1: Bears trade up to No. 3, draft Marvin Harrison Jr.

In a three-round mock draft by NFL draft analyst Chad Reuter, the Chicago Bears make a massive trade-up to have two picks in the top 3.

MHJ bears

As for what it would take to pair Caleb Williams with Marvin Harrison Jr., the Chicago Bears should be salivating at this possible offer. Whether the Patriots would sell it for that low, who knows?

But, if Jerod Mayo believes in the untapped potential of Justin Fields, maybe it's worth it for them to get their starting quarterback, while still having a top-10 pick to get a tackle or edge rusher with.

Justin Fields is far better than the quarterbacks currently on the Patriots' roster, and with the addition of pieces in free agency, the Pats could be walking into next season in a much better position than if they just selected Marvin Harrison Jr. or Jayden Daniels.

This trade scenario isn't one I see as super-duper likely, but if it's the offer on the table, Ryan Poles should accept this yesterday.