Ranking the Chicago Bears' wide receiver trade up options

Three WRs on the board, and only one need to make it to the Chicago Bears, unless...

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Option No. 2: Bears trade up to No. 5, draft Rome Odunze

Maybe this is a controversial opinion, but in terms of which receiver would be the best team fit for the Chicago Bears, that receiver is Rome Odunze. Well, no. That receiver is Marvin Harrison Jr., however, he's arguably the best prospect in the entire 2024 NFL Draft.

So, other than Maserati Marv, Rome Odunze would pair perfectly with D.J. Moore in the Bears' offense, and he'd give Caleb Williams his added support. Odunze's hands are a pair of safety nets, and for a rookie quarterback, that's a perfect way to give them support.

With a contested catch rate of 51% and only a 6.9% drop rate, Rome Odunze compares himself to Davante Adams in the way they attack the game similarly.

Adding Rome Odunze to the Chicago Bears would also allow D.J. Moore to line up in the slot more, which is where Moore can shine even brighter. With the YAC abilities in D.J. Moore's toolbelt, having him play in the slot more would make him, somehow, even better.

If the Chicago Bears have the chance to get their own Davante Adams, it must be investigated. In this theoretical from Dane Brugler of The Athletic, the Bears and Chargers are trade partners.

rome odunze trade

Now, while gaining a potential Davante Adams in this trade could be enticing, the juice might not be worth the squeeze. Odunze has plenty of traits to be enamored by, as I'm consistently struck with awe watching his tape. However, after the Bears' trade for Ryan Bates, they just simply don't have many draft picks left.

Chicago Bears' 2024 NFL Draft picks, post-Ryan Bates trade:

• No. 1

No. 9 (in this trade scenario)

No. 75 (in this trade scenario)

• No. 111

• No. 123

In this scenario, the Chicago Bears would have three picks, including the No. 1 pick that they'd have used. The Bears aren't necessarily in the position to need as many draft picks as they have in the past, but it's always smart to have a good portion of rookies joining the roster.

This trade choice isn't as juicy as the one for Marvin Harrison Jr., but it's one that could win the fan base over with some elite offensive production early in the season.