Ranking the Chicago Bears' wide receiver trade up options

Three WRs on the board, and only one need to make it to the Chicago Bears, unless...

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Chicago Bears, Malik Nabers
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Option No. 3: Bears trade up to No. 5, draft Malik Nabers

ESPN's NFL draft analyst Jordan Reid released his two-round 2024 NFL mock draft, and it involved the Chicago Bears trading up with the Chargers— again.

malik nabers

This time, however, the Chicago Bears net Malik Nabers instead of Rome Odunze. Nabers is considered one of the best receivers in the draft, however, his skill set resembles someone who already wears the Chicago Bears uniform. His name: D.J. Moore.

Now, don't get me wrong, having multiple D.J. Moores on one team isn't a bad thing at all. However, sending a heftier haul for a D.J. Moore clone could be a bit too costly for the Bears.

Malik Nabers is going to be a force in this league, and he's not someone who has to play in the slot. At LSU, Nabers was able to line up just about anywhere, and as long as the ball was in his hands, there was a chance he was going for six.

For the price it'd take to unite Caleb Williams with Malik Nabers, Ryan Poles could be interested. Whether or not he accepts this deal, that'll be decided on April 25.