Ranking the Chicago Bears' wide receiver trade up options

Three WRs on the board, and only one need to make it to the Chicago Bears, unless...

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Ranking the Chicago Bears' trade up options

. . 1. . mhj rank. . . Marvin Harrison Jr.. WR, OSU. 57

This is truly the only option that the Chicago Bears should be all over. Being able to trade Justin Field and pick No. 9 for Marvin Harrison Jr. plus assets would be the Carolina Panthers' deal all over again. The NFL won't let Ryan Poles cook like that again, or will they?

. . . WR, Washington. Rome Odunze. . . 2. 57. odunze

Coming in second, Rome Odunze. He's close with Marvin Harrison Jr. on who would fit the Chicago Bears' current roster now best, but overall, the price tag is pricey. Rome Odunze should warrant a hefty trade-up, but with how limited the Bears' resources are currently, trading up for this amount doesn't appear the most likely.

x. WR, LSU. . . . malik rank. . 3. 57. Malik Nabers

Coming in last, Malik Nabers. If this were for 31 other teams in the NFL, Nabers would likely be higher on the list. But, with him being the most expensive trade-up option, as well as the lowest team fit of the three, Malik Nabers' trade-up scenario is the least enticing for Ryan Poles the Chicago Bears. If they do any three of these options, there's a low chance Bears fans will be truly mad. Especially once they watch Nabers perform. Once he has his first D.J. Moore-esque play, all of those emotions will soar away.

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